Hiring Institutions

Services for Hiring Institutions
(Athletic Directors & Presidents)

1. Candidate Lists
Reduce the administrative time & focus required to conduct a comprehensive & exhaustive search for your latest opening within the athletic department. We are experts in women’s sports/Olympic sports & have identified an extensive list of current and future coaching candidates over the years. Allow us to consult with you on the characteristics that you are looking for in a candidate & then to provide you with a sufficient list of viable candidates for you to consider.

2. Candidate Screening
In these tough economic times, we realize that staff sizes are decreasing & job responsibilities for your administrators are increasing. The Networks Sports Consulting team of experts can step in & screen your initial pool of resume submissions & candidates that will free up time on your end. At the outset, we can collaborate on the traits & experience guidelines that you seek. Once that takes place, we will set an appropriate timeline for when we will have initial screenings completed & reduced the pool of candidates (5-7 suggested) according to the number that are appropriate for you to evaluate further.

3. Initial Interviews
As part of the screening process, we will evaluate the resumes of the candidates, check their background, and conduct an initial over-the-phone interview with them to further whittle down the list of candidates. This will allow us to further streamline the process for you & your staff.

4. Leadership Development/Career Development
Winning championships doesn’t simply stop at the hiring process. The best way (and many times the most economical way) to build successful programs is to develop your staff. We will work with you to develop & implement a leadership development and career development program that will help you retain your talented staff while helping them maximize their potential.

5. Student-Athlete Career Planning
The truth is that your future head coaches may very well be competing on your teams right now. In conjunction with the leadership/career development program we have established in your athletic department for your coaching staffs, we can create & implement a micro-program for your athletes, which may help you identify those student-athletes who have the predisposition to be great coaches. Again, the more you focus on this area, the more time & money you can save because you won’t have to train an “outsider” about the nuances of your campus at a later date.

6. Assistance w/ candidate pool for non-coaching jobs
While coaching jobs oftentimes become the focus of departmental hirings, we can also help provide a broader pool of candidates for other administrative and executive openings within your organization.