Job Canidates

1. Resume Preparation
In most instances, you will have a matter of minutes to make your first impression a lasting impression with your resume.  This is your “calling card”, therefore it is critical that you take the time to compile an accurate & professional document.  We will analyze your pre-existing resume and/or customize a new resume specifically suited for the position you seek. Our team of experts and consultants will spend the appropriate amount of time helping you to identify & elaborate on your strengths and those experiences that will allow you to present yourself as a viable candidate for the job of your choice.

2 .ePortfolio Development
In addition to submitting a professional resume, impress potential employers by creating an ePortfolio that can be accessed on-line. The ePortfolio will allow you to illustrate your experiences and credentials in a 3-dimensional platform…bringing your value to their organization to life. Instead of allowing them to interpret your potential by reading the bullet points on your resume, impress them with your presentation skills & public speaking prowess. Instead of listing your references & their phone numbers, provide video excerpts of your best references reinforcing why you are the perfect hire.

3. Application Submissions
Ensure that the required applications for jobs you are interested in are completed in time & are submitted without errors. Allow yourself to focus on building your strategic plan for taking over that program by leaving the minutiae of submitting applications to our team.

4. Job Search
Not sure what jobs are out there? Unaware of what situations may be best for you? Nervous about your boss knowing you are getting your name out there? We will partner with you & assist you in identifying jobs that fit your profile.  Once you are on our team, we will communicate with you on a regular basis until you secure your dream job.

5. Referral Calls
As we continue to work with institutions and athletic departments, we will call schools on your behalf and/or will discuss openings with you in advance of our calls. Instead of trying to find the “right” person (whose call will actually get through to the Athletic Director or hiring manager), we will navigate the terrain on your behalf. Rely on our extensive network and our respected connections to filter through the chaos for you.

6. Contract Negotiations
Not comfortable negotiating on your own behalf? We can help you research compensation packages in similar coaching situations. Want more assistance? We can help you negotiate your contract.

7. Vision Planning/Strategic Planning
So you were just hired for your first head coaching gig, now what? Allow us to consult with you on putting together your strategic plan. What do you need to do in your first 100 days? How do you get started? We can help organize your thoughts and get you on your way to cutting down the nets.

8. Career Planning
Many times, your next move is nowhere near your last move. If that is the case (or if you just don’t quite know what you want to do), we can help provide clarity into the direction you want to take your career. Find your passion…we can help you identify what that is & then help you find the situation that fulfills your objectives.