NetWorks Sports Book of the Month: “Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton” by Jeff Pearlman

This week’s NetWorks Sports’ Recommended Book is Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton by Jeff Pearlman.

This week’s book review is actually a “preview” for Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton, which will officially be released on October 4th.  Sweetness, written by New York Times bestselling author (and friend of NetWorks Sports Consulting) Jeff Pearlman, is sure to inspire sports fans, NFL fans, and anyone who wants to hear a story about a man, Walter Payton, who lead a legendary career on the field while carrying himself with so much grace.

Several books have been written chronicling Walter Payton’s life.  Most focused on his career and on-field achievements.  Others dabbled into his personal life.  But Jeff Pearlman has endeavored to find out more about this mysterious man who inspired many through his thrilling runs and awe-inspiring touchdown dives throughout the course of his career.

We could go on & on in support of Pearlman’s book, but we think there is no better way to find out about the content of this book than through the author’s own words.

Writing this book was obviously a meaningful journey for Pearlman, which is surely conveyed in the eloquent prose and honest insight into the true story behind the man we call Sweetness.  With that said, Pearlman has offered up some amazing tidbits about his journey through various video vignettes that you can find on YouTube.

There are about 10 videos for you to enjoy, but the one that struck a chord with me was “SweetSpot3: Jeff Pearlman on his book The Enigmatic Walter Payton.”  Here Pearlman gives us a little insight into what was so interesting about Payton…the fact that the wrong birth date is published in nearly every book or article about Payton.

Fascinating stuff!  Here’s my favorite clip….Jeff Pearlman’s Sweet Spot 3:


Check out the videos & then go to to order a copy of Sweetness for yourself!  You can follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffPearlman

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