The Intern Chronicles: The Beginning of a Journey

Journal Entry #1 By Chastin Gammage

April 9, 2013 marked the beginning of a journey and an amazing opportunity.

As I venture into the real world of business and marketing it’s amazing to see the amount of time, effort, and thought that goes into each individual process. Up until this point, I’ve been a consumer and even a retailer but now the tables are completely turned. My primary focus before was investigating an item before I actually purchased it or to understand the product so that I can sell it. Now I will be along for the journey from the initial developmental phases until the product release. I have the chance to see first hand what it is like to start a business from scratch and observe its manifestation into reality. I must admit it is quite intriguing to be a part of the behind the scenes work that attributes to a successful business in our global economy.

Being in the presence of four accomplished, astute and affluent adults already felt surreal but holding an educated and pertinent conversation was simply astounding. These are people that I admire, they are currently living at the peak of my highest aspirations and I have the opportunity to work and learn from them at the age of eighteen.

internship-pictureAs a college intern, I’m not here to just fill a vacant position. My ultimate desire is to contribute and add value to this company in any way possible even while it is still in the developmental phases. I’m definitely eager to display the various skills and knowledge I have to bring to the table. I hope to provide a unique and different perspective that will help relate this product to younger generations. Everyone in the room brought a certain skillset and on top of that multiple years of experience. I recall sitting back in awe as the group listed their life and career accomplishments. Society enforces that success is a function of opportunity and drive but what I learned from this meeting is that the most key ingredient is in fact time.

Over time, each individual experienced trials and tribulations that helped develop their full potential. These daunting occurrences put them on the proper track from success. It is clear; the adversity they face instilled a sense of resiliency rather than delaying their professional progression. Collectively, the group appeared to have a strong team oriented dynamic from the very beginning of the meeting. I personally found that I connected with every single person in the room on multiple levels.

For example, when I moved to San Jose I had no intention of meeting someone from my hometown of Irvine, California, engaging with a caring companion of my uncle’s, nor establishing a connection with one of Silicon Valley’s most influential African American men in the technology field. Yet, lo and behold, I was blessed with an opportunity of a lifetime. I spent a total of six hours there and left feeling as if I had known these people the majority of my life. Nothing could possibly parallel the experience of being in a room full of likeminded, college educated, and passionate people. I like the team approach that this project embodies. I work well in this kind of system. I am extremely excited about all the possibilities with The Thomas Adam’s Project!

~ Chastin Gammage

Chastin, an intern with the Thomas Adams Project, just completed his first year at San Jose State University and is studying Engineering.